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Botanical rituals combining the power of plant magic, ritual and folk recipes.

Hello and welcome to my little cottage apothecary! My name is Lauren and I'm the witch behind Moonseed Rituals. Combining the powers of plant magic, ritual, and old folk practices; Moonseed has been created for those who want a complete connection with the natural world through mind, body and spirit.

From the misty mountains of Scotland to the holy isles of Avalon, I have travelled through many of these sacred sites where I’ve been deeply inspired to create something that can capture the essence of these places and incorporate them into daily use. With my background in beauty therapy and my love of potion making, Moonseed was born.

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No synthetic fragrance + .Local suppliers + Ethically sourced ingredients + Cruelty free + Eco packaging + Made by hand in small batches + Made with love and intention. 

Meet the founder

Moonseed was launched in June 2020 but the concept was brewing away for many years prior. Having studied beauty therapy in my late teens, I’ve spent the last 15 years deeply immersed in the cosmetic industry in education, management and as a lead therapist for multiple international skincare brands. During that time I also completed my BFA in creative and professional writing where I specialised in fairy tales and history with a particular focus on folklore from the British Isles. 

Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved mixing up ingredients and making my own beauty concoctions. From mashed up garden flowers to DIY body scrubs, sometimes it was more fun making the potions than actually using the (sometimes disastrous) concoctions. 

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As I went on to work in the beauty industry, I gained a better understanding of how products were made, how ingredients was sourced and produced, and how they worked on the body; It was eye opening!


Because of my keen interest in history and folklore, I was constantly researching traditional practices with herbal preparations, skin treatments and folk recipes. I became fascinated with not only the traditional uses of herbs but also the stories and folklore behind them.  I discovered that plants were considered more potent during different times of the lunar cycle, and that certain gods and goddesses ruled over particular herbs and plants.


My ancestry is deeply rooted in Britain and Ireland with a strong emphasis on Scotland and the northern isles. I have ancestors who lived their whole lives on the Orkney’s and others from the most westerly and wild point of Britain. From a very young age, I've felt a strong calling towards spirituality and began exploring Witchcraft and pagan practices such as celebrating the eight festivals and living by the lunar cycle. Moonseed rituals is a way of combining all these passions into something I can share with everyone. 


We offer a boutique design experience for those interested in ordering Moonseed products for weddings and events. Get in touch for more details on how this works.

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Stunning packaging! The perfume smells wonderful and is in such a cute little bottle, I take it with me everywhere.

- Menna. 27 March 2021

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This perfume is absolutely perfect. Such a gorgeous scent, I've had so many compliments on it, perfect for this season. Gorgeously packaged and just all round wonderful! Thanks so much.

- Flo 18 Feb 2021

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