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Hello and welcome to Moonseed botanical rituals. Combining the powers of plant magic, ritual, and old folk practices; Moonseed has been created for those who want a complete connection with the natural world through mind, body and spirit.

From the misty mountains of Scotland to the holy isles of Avalon, I have travelled through many of these sacred sites where I’ve been deeply inspired to create something that can capture the essence of these places and incorporate them into daily use. With my background in beauty therapy and my love of potion making, Moonseed was born.

Paganism, herbalism and folklore are a continuous study and passion of mine and these three elements are deeply rooted in the brand. I am fascinated with the early folk practices of my ancestors and the cunning folk of the British Isles and many of the Moonseed products are influenced by Celtic mythology and the Fey. My offerings are inspired by the wheel of the year and will aid in your journey as you move through the eight festivals (the two equinox, two solstices and four fire festivals) with ritualistic bathing, oil anointing and skincare potions which are hand crafted in small batches with high quality, natural ingredients.

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“The most gorgeous scent, I never want to smell of anything else - it's truly magical. Packaging was lovely too. Can't wait to buy another!"

— Anna, 29.12.2020


A repeat buy, absolutely love the way this salts leave my skin smooth and help my tired muscles to relax! The flower petals add to the beautiful experience.

— Sara, 18.08.2020

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